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Suertes del Marques Tenerife. Volcanic wines are so intriguing!

Tenerife Volcano

While in Tenerife, we had a chance to visit Suertes Del Marqués Soagranorte and taste their truly interesting wines - 80-200 years old vines ( see the picture as proof- the psylloxera never made it to Tenerife).

The passion that Jonatan, the owner puts into his work and a volcanic terroir makes these wines really a must to try.

Suertes del Marques Soagranorte

The vineyards are conducted without any fertilizers or herbicides and the wines are made with natural yeasts. They are mostly aged in 500 l neutral French oak barrels. All the wines have very expressive aromas and minerality in common, surprisingly already revealed in younger vintages ( we have tried 15,14,13,11).

Important: the production is divided between Vinos de Parcella, wines from single vineyards ( La Solana, Candio, El Esquilón, El Ciruelo, Los Pasitos and Vidonia) and Vinos de Villa ( village wines made with other growers grapes ( 7 Fuentes, El Lance, Medianías and Trenzado).

Our favorite was El Ciruelo, 2014 (95 points by RP) followed by El CHIBIRIQUE- a new Single Vineyard production coming from 80 year old vines. True beautiful wines to be truly enjoyed!

Vino de Parcela El Ciruelo Suertes del Marues

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