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Col di Lamo by Giovanna Neri. Brunello is....Orange!

Brunello is…Orange.

When Giovanna Neri first had an idea of using the orange color on her Brunello Col Di Lamo labels everybody thought she was crazy! Today she managed to create the brand that truly reflects her own character: straightforward, energetic, warm, modern, generous and elegant. I am sure you can think about at least one other lady producer of a great wine with this color ( yes, I mean the famous one with bubbles inside).

Rosso di Montalcino 14 is truly wonderful, interesting and dynamic, pleasant acidity. Each sip calls for another one.

Brunello 11 is more complex, the fruit is backed with cinnamon and tobacco notes while the minerality and acidity presume a good aging potential.

Brunello 12 will have a lot to tell in future months.

Giovanna Neri uses organic methods and natural yeasts to produce her wines. The winery is beautifully designed and expresses Giovanna's dream of turning a pumpkin into Cinderella's Magical Carriage.

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