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Mamma Mia Montalcino

The City of Brunello Wine

To the south of Siena lays a classic fairytale hilltop town, set within historic fortified walls and watched over by a mighty medieval fortress.

Montalcino is a beautiful village immersed in the breathtaking Val d'Orcia Natural Park, renowned all over the world for its outstanding beauty and the production of its precious Brunello wine.

The place has scarcely changed in appearance over the past centuries. Once you arrive in the town, and walk around its walls, a magnificent spectacle unfolds before your eyes: rolling sunny hills dotted with different colors according to the season, ancient oak trees, picturesque olive groves, scenic country roads winding through perfect vineyards.

When I first arrived in Montalcino I was enamoured by its amazing beauty. After travelling and working in more than 15 countries on 4 continents in the past it suddenly felt like home here. Perfect harmony, here and now. I then had a sip of Brunello while visiting Ciacci Piccolomini Winery and … I was completely lost.

What began as a holiday stop quickly became a must to explore more, to understand, to experience…

Strangely our desires can really influence the reality of our lives. My work, friendships, interests, and not least my love story has made me stay in Tuscany since then. 15 years have flown by.

I became a sommelier to understand more about the wine and its capacity to awaken strong emotions within us all. I founded Select Tasting in order to share my passion with others. I have been inspired and encouraged by those who met me.

And the adventure continues....

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