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Above the vineyards of Montalcino...

Select Tasting Cuvée n° 1 

boasts one of the highest polyphenolic levels on the market (around 800mg/L) and it has earned the distinctive classification of High-Antioxidant by containing a minimum of

3mg of Vitamin E per serving  (20% RDI).

Our oil is produced only with mechanical means, and it is totally free from any chemicals.

The health benefits of this premium first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, are accompanied by amazing aromas and taste. It will make every dish a triumph of flavours.

This is the highest quality olive oil I have ever tasted in my sommelier career.

Our Cuvée N° 1 ​is produced by Tuscan grower and milling company Anteata Frantoio, renowned for the great care in every stage of production.

More details below: tasting notes, production process and health benefits.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Select Tasting Cuvee N°1  
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